general mental health

Stressors can negatively affect general mental health and wellbeing. As a broad category, mental health concerns in the United States are common, with 1 in 5 adults living with a behavioral, mental, or emotional concern. The negative impact of these problems can range from mild to severe. Mental health concerns do not always become chronic or rise to a severe level, but they can still have significant negative impacts on daily functioning. Such mental health concerns may also negatively affect the treatment or prognosis of a person’s other mental health or medical condition. For these reasons, it may become important to make general mental health concerns the focus of psychotherapy.

Some issues that may become the focus of psychotherapy are relational problems, abuse or neglect, problems related to available social support, family concerns, bereavement, partner violence, educational or occupational concerns, housing or economic problems, problems related to crime or the legal system, medical concerns, or other problems related to personal, environmental, or psychosocial circumstances.

At Psychology Works of California, our licensed psychologists have expertise in integrating CBT with other effective psychotherapies to accurately assess and treat general mental health concerns.

common general mental health concerns

  • Grief and loss

  • Relational concerns

  • Insomnia and sleep concerns

  • Substance use

  • Addictions and habits

  • Sexual health

  • Women’s health issues

  • Men’s health issues

  • Sleep concerns

  • Eating and nutrition concerns

  • Gender identity and expression

  • Issues of discrimination, oppression, microaggressions

  • Diversity, multiculturalism, intersectionality