career counseling

Making decisions about entering the world of work or changing career paths can be both exciting and challenging. Sometimes people feel “prescribed” to follow a particular career path, and their understanding of the work may be based on stereotypes and limited occupational information. In other cases, a career may become unfulfilling, unbalanced, or unrelated to an individuals’ values, interests, and skill set. Some research indicates that, on average, people make significantly more career transitions today than they did even 40 years ago. Such transitions are considered major life events and can be stressful.

Fortunately, the field of counseling psychology is rooted in vocational psychology, and considerable research exists to guide career counseling interventions. Career counseling is a core competency of counseling psychologists, and we are well equipped to help clarify and ease the career decision-making process. There are practical and effective ways to manage career concerns.

At Psychology Works of California, our licensed counseling psychologists have expertise in accurately assessing and helping people with career-related concerns and decisions.

common career issues

  • Clarifying goals and future plans

  • Exploring and clarifying personal and career-related values

  • Identifying needs, skills, values, abilities, and personality components related to career choice

  • Providing opportunities to gather information about the world of work and career options

  • Reducing and managing anxiety related to career decision making

  • Occupational analysis

  • Identifying and challenging maladaptive beliefs and entertaining more adaptive beliefs

  • Engaging in activities to help identify and overcome career-related barriers

  • Exploring aspects of racial/ethnic identity and cultural heritage that intersect with experiences in the world of work, selection of college majors, and self-efficacy beliefs