Dr. Edna M. Esnil

Psy.D., M.A., B.A., Licensed Psychologist, #PSY20471

I am passionate about psychology and helping people flourish and change their lives.

Counseling clients and colleagues have described me as compassionate, caring, trustworthy, respectful, and validating.

As a licensed psychologist for 14 years, I have been privileged to work with globally diverse individuals of various abilities, ages, cultural and ethnic identities, educational levels, and lived experiences. My professional interests, experience, and approach include applying psychological science to help people reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression through individual, couples, and career counseling.

As Carl Rogers wrote, “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” Whether working with an adolescent, adult, or someone with a health, social, relational, cultural, educational, and/or employment issue, I use a strength-based and integrative approach specific to each person’s unique needs. I consider myself a mindful, feminist, multicultural, and cognitive behavioral psychologist.

Growing up, I became a bibliophile (lover of books). Reading diverse stories continues to influence my curiosity and expand my worldview. I also turned into a logophile (lover of words). I am fascinated by how people communicate and how their behavior influences experiences. These interests combined with a BA, MA, doctorate in psychology, and a top-ranked pre-doctoral internship engendered a deep understanding of and ability to efficiently help foster peoples’ growth.

I have enjoyed teaching a variety of university- level classes such as Child and Adolescent Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Human Relations, Major and Career Exploration, Multiculturalism, and Stress Management.

Publications and Community Involvement
I take pride in disseminating psychology and serving in psychology leadership positions locally, statewide, and nationally. I have given over 50 presentations and was invited as a distinguished speaker at a national conference. I have collaborated with the American Psychological Association and the California Psychological Association to create a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) on Stress in America. As a published author, I have contributed to a number of professional writings, including a book chapter, articles, technical reports, and blogs. As an appointed member of the Committee on Women in Psychology, I have advocated on policy and law at the national level for girls and women.

Psychology enhances my avocations: photography and sports. How, you might ask? Being curious and respectful of the important intersection of people’s experience and perspective deepens my view of a photograph. Experiencing the joy and challenge of skiing diverse mountain terrain as a beginner skier, I often humbly experience counterintuitive mind/body experiences. Notwithstanding ski classes and ski skills reading, these experiences shamelessly highlight my existence and appreciation as a perfectly imperfect human being.




Psy.D. Counseling

Clinical Internship

Former Director
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